Expert Search Marketing Services

Our Philosophy

Our Search Marketing philosophy is balanced in three equal parts: Strategy, Services and Technology. Rakuten Search is a best in class solution that combines certified expert services with cutting edge technology that has proven to deliver results and maximize your investment.

Advanced search platforms, such as Rakuten Search’s platform Kenshoo, work best when leveraged by industry experts who can provide the complimentary strategy and account services needed for continuous growth in the channel.

Professional Search Marketing Services Multi-Channel Offerings

Our goals are tied to your Search Marketing objectives:

  • Increase brand awareness, increase traffic to your website or sell your products or services.
  • We work hard to earn the highest possible Quality Score and to lower the average CPC needed to maintain top position. 
  • We will work continuously to expand your keyword list, update and test your ad copy, test and recommend new landing pages, and more.
  • We will also keep you informed and updated on the industry and present new ideas, new services and new opportunities that allow you to continue growing in this channel.



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