Tracking Technology Options

Tracking is a fundamental requirement of your affiliate marketing program. Your business model, reporting needs and your technical capabilities will largely determine the tracking technology that you choose.

At Rakuten LinkShare you have a choice between two different technology options: Pixel Tracking and Enterprise Tracking.

Pixel Tracking

Rakuten LinkShare Pixel Tracking is a simple, industry standard tracking solution that is easy to install yet does not provide certain capabilities.  A key distinction between Rakuten LinkShare Pixel Tracking and other pixel tracking solutions is the ability to commission at different rates on different products.

Enterprise Tracking

Rakuten LinkShare Enterprise Tracking is an enterprise grade, full-featured tracking solution providing you with the highest level of protection against fraudulent transactions and the greatest reporting flexibility. 

Which tracking solution is right for you?

We will work with you to help select the right tracking technology for your business.   Here are some things to keep in mind when considering which tracking technology solution is optimal for your needs.


Business Need

Pixel Tracking

Enterprise Tracking

Easiest to Implement


Product Level Commissions

Near Real-Time Reporting

Highest Fraud Protection


Greatest Reporting Flexibility


Control Over Transaction Data


Automate Returns and Cancellations


Once you choose your tracking option we will work with your technical resource to implement the solution and fully test that everything is working seamlessly.  

For more information about choosing a tracking solution contact a Rakuten LinkShare representative today.

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