Affiliate Program Manager Certification to Demonstrate Your Expertise

Designed for highly-motivated professionals who manage Rakuten LinkShare Advertiser affiliate programs, this certification is an industry-standard education and testing program. The certification test is based on skills and knowledge from a series of free video tutorials and articles in the Advertiser Help Center/LinkShare University Tutorials, content from Rakuten LinkShare University Live @ Symposiums, proficiency in using the  Advertiser Dashboard, Publisher Help Center, Publisher Dashboard, related tools, industry knowledge and experience.

Earn Your Badge of Distinction


How your company benefits with your certification

The certification will allow you and your management team to better assess your level of proficiency and knowledge of affiliate program management in the Rakuten LinkShare Network. In addition to being a professional credential signifying a level of expertise in affiliate program management, the test is an educational process. The test results point to sources of more information about questions that are missed. By reviewing the related educational content in the Advertiser Help Center, you will be better able to grow and optimize your program for success using industry-standard best practices and Rakuten LinkShare tools and resources.


What you gain by becoming certified

  • Deeper understanding of how to grow and optimize your program
  • New credential to demonstrate your affiliate marketing expertise
  • Annual digital badge for your CV, website, LinkedIn profile, and Facebook page
  • Listing on – on a new page for certified program managers
  • Mentions in Rakuten LinkShare e-newsletters such as The Link and the Publisher Newsletter
  • Promotional opportunities such as recognition at Symposiums, webinar participation, University participation, social media mentions, and more...

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